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Enchantive Asia

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The top escapes in the world, chosen by professionals
Everybody should be able to travel in style, according to Enchantive Asia. Because of this, we provide the most incredible travel opportunities at competitive rates.

About us

Bringing the highest quality of service and attention to detail to the VIP travel business in Asia was the company’s single goal when it was created by professionals from the luxury travel sectors of Asia.
Since its founding, Enchantive Asia has assisted high-net-worth visitors, businesspeople, and expatriates in making the most of their time in Thailand.
The most unusual and outlandish requests from its clients can now be fulfilled thanks to our’ expanding network of partners throughout Thailand and Asia.
And that explains why Enchantive Asia has the reputation that it does today.

Our Vision

Enchantive Asia aims to give its clients access to the best places and experiences.
Our VIP concierges are here to help you at every stage of your journey, whether taking a quick business trip, taking a month-long family holiday, or moving to a new country.
Our team makes your life simple by handling everything you require help with, from transportation to personal security to the most memorable events of your life and everything in between.
The perfect wedding planner for the most important Day of your life, exclusive access to a sold-out event, a yacht for a party cruise on the Andaman Sea, or else.
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Look at our Company profile

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Our goal at Enchantive Asia is to enhance the delivery of tourism products and offer outstanding services across the board. Our goal is to enhance the overall business process.
As a young, dynamic firm, we create innovative goods and services in the tourism sector to satisfy changing market demands.
Since our customers are at the center of all we do, we strive to offer you the best travel experiences available worldwide and all the little extras you require for a beautiful (and stress-free) journey. We have you covered for flights, travel insurance, and rental cars.
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Directors of the company

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Meet the people who make up the Enchantive Asia clan here. We are a small group with a love for culture, animals, travel, and conservation. Whether it’s a thrilling safari, a romantic getaway, or a family trip to Asia, each of our travel experts is committed to creating your ideal itinerary. Working diligently to perfect your itinerary.
Virender Singh
Founding Partner | Director - Sales & Marketing

A deep-rooted passion for travel has brought Virender into the travel business since the beginning of his career. Bringing an experience of more than 20 years in the different fields of travel has made him a man of action and a result-oriented individual. During these years, he has handled charter movements and MICE groups in India from Europe. In 2008, he landed in Bangkok. With a job in DMC, there has been no turning back since then. As a co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing at Enchantive Asia, Virender has a clear vision to deliver the highest quality products in the services industry.

Rajesh Nair
Founding Partner | CEO

As a multi-lingual CEO of the company, focusing on the big picture without losing site of the details is a key factor to my success; combined with my expansive background in business development and management and a willingness to challenge common perceptions I offer a complete package. My ability to view both sides of an issue allows me to develop and integrate solutions that are balanced and beneficial for everyone involved. I excel at translating customer needs to the business and the business needs to the vendor in order to attain objective for all involved. In me you’ll find a comprehensive professional with a “can-do” attitude and the drive to get the job done.

Thararin Nopkhamsuksawath
Founding Partner | Director - Contracting & Finance

With her team, a tourism expert with nearly 1.5 decades of experience in the industry as a product manager, contracting manager, and MICE specialist is now in charge of all financial, product, and contracting matters. She also handles MICE operations as needed and wherever they are.

Sheraz Russel
Director - Business Development

Sheraz is a competent individual with a wealth of knowledge in conferences and events. Mr.Sheraz, who has been working in the business for 16 years, excels at comprehending sophisticated clients' demands and can weave complicated, technically focused solutions together. He also presents, plans, and assists clients in organizing meetings and conferences.