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Terms & conditions

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The rates we offer are quite affordable and are quoted per person or room, as specified in the quotation. Unless otherwise specified on our website or in the confirmation email, all prices indicated include VAT, GST, and all other taxes (subject to modification of such taxes). All prices are provided in the published currency, are not subject to commission, and might only be valid for a limited time. We promise that there are no additional fees included in our rates.
Please be aware that some hotels require special meals throughout the holiday season and occasionally on local, national, or other festive occasions. Whether you participate or not, this fee is required and will be billed to your account. These meals cannot be purchased on the spot.
Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. is obligated to abide by rules on MSPs (Minimum Selling Prices) that comply with contracts with service providers. Our customer care specialists will let you know when these procedures must be followed
Based on the services required from our end, the company may charge handling fees; these fees are invoiced when Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. . is asked to take over, handle, alter, or otherwise represent the customer’s direct agreement with the supplier (s).
Before introducing these special offers, payments were made in full or in part for confirmed services; these payments are not applicable; the original guaranteed rates represent the final agreement between the traveller and us. We regret that we cannot provide detailed information on each of our special offers, and we cannot be held liable for these special offers once your confirmed reservation and payment have been finalised.


Our email system will deliver a confirmation email and any necessary exchange e-vouchers for the reserved services. If a reservation with an “on request” status cannot be verified immediately, we will send a confirmation email and an exchange coupon. We won’t charge you any cancellation or administrative costs if we cannot confirm your reservation.

Child Policy

If children share a hotel with at least two adults, don’t need an extra bed, or are accompanied by at least two full-paying adults, they may be eligible for discounts on transfers, excursions, and package tours. For such discounts, two (2) children per party are allowed, with extra children being charged as adults. The appropriate children’s ages may vary for each service, depending on the booked services
Depending on the precise age of the kid (ren) when the service is started, Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. will let you know when child discounts apply.


At least 30 days before the start of the services, full prepayment via bank transfer is necessary. Clients are responsible for paying any associated fees or charges for bank transfers. The reservation could be cancelled if this is not done (s).
Certain lodging and service providers only provide the option for reservations to be paid (wholly or partially and as necessary under the payment policy of the lodging) to the lodging provider during the reservation process via safe online payment when applicable and accessible (all to the extent offered and supported by your bank). Such payments are safely processed online through a third-party payment gateway from your credit card to the lodging or service provider’s bank account.
If credit card payments are made, , Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. reserves the right to increase the total by a fee. These rules are consistent with the fees established by each credit card issuer and with regional laws governing credit card payments.
Experience has shown us that the time it takes for charged amounts to show up on your credit card or bank account is between 2 and 4 weeks.


By making a reservation through this gateway, you indicate that you agree to and accept the terms of cancellations and no-shows. Therefore, the concerned service provider may charge you the appropriate cancellation or no-show fees. You will be informed of service providers or accommodations variations in these terms.
When booking a reservation, customers can access any hotel and service provider’s general cancellation and no-show policies on our website. You will be reminded of these throughout the reservation process and in the confirmation email. Please be aware that some tariffs or special offers are not subject to adjustments, refunds, or cancellations.
You as the customer, are not entitled to any refunds or compensation if you provide us with incorrect or invalid credit card information, omit required bank information, or engage in any other actions that prevent us from processing the reservation unless we ,Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. agree otherwise.
Before confirming your reservation, we strongly advise carefully reviewing the cancellation policies

Amendments and Refunds

We reserve the right to impose adjustment fees on our contracts with the lodging and service providers. If relevant, we will inform you what the charges might be in advance.
In the event of cancellations or changes, all confirmed refunds from our end will be credited to your credit card within 30 business days. It can take 10 to 20 working days for the funds to show up in your account once the refund instructions leave our office. These rules are established by the rules of each bank or credit card. You can be sure that when refund matters are approved, we will take all reasonable steps to expedite the process.
Please contact our customer service department if you have any cancellation or revision requests or haven’t received our cancellation. We now declare that we seriously treat any issues involving cancellations and modifications.


Links from or to other websites from Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. are not within the control of Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. All links are given for your convenience and informational purposes only; they are not an endorsement or approval of any kind by Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. of the company, its services, or the views expressed therein.
Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. views complaints as an essential input to improve service quality. During the customer’s stay, we ask that one of our staff bring up any issues with service delivery or consumer complaints. The organisation strives to address any issue right away.

Complaints and Irregularities

Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. is not liable for the external site’s content, including any links that may follow it, or for its accuracy, legality, or other aspects. Any information from external links supplied on our website is solely for informational purposes, and it is the website visitor’s responsibility to confirm this material’s accuracy.
14 days after the consumer goes home, the business maintains the right to reject alleged anomalies.
Please email our service support centre for further correspondence

Content Submissions and Feedback

Users agree to use the website of Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. (hereafter referred to as “site”) exclusively for legal purposes. As long as Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. has the titles to the feedback, comments, and recommendations made about the website through any form of contact (both online and offline), they will automatically become its sole property. Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. will never and under no circumstances be required to pay any compensation for any information submitted by the user, be required to respond to any information submitted by the user, or be required to keep a record of any information submitted by the user by any type of confidentiality agreement.
The user will refrain from posting any discriminative, unlawful, harmful, abusive, vulgar, obscene / sexual explicit, racist / radically or any material that is objective or embarrassing to another user or any other person or entity as determined by Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. at its sole discretion. This includes
using any of Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. interactive area for any purpose in violation of local, state, national, or international laws is strictly forbidden as an activity

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on our website, including all text, photographs, reviews, downloadable files, and other information, is copyright protected. As a result, it cannot be used, duplicated, copied, linked to, or distributed without prior written consent from Enchantive Asia Co.ltd.
All rights, interests, and title deeds that bear our name or are (in)directly affiliated with us and the design of our online platforms are exclusively ours.
You must obtain written authorization from us to utilize any of the information above, including any translations, in whole or in part. Any proven use of illegal acts or conduct that implies using these intellectual property rights is regarded as a material infringement. It may subject the offender to legal repercussions under the relevant country’s laws.

Force Majeur

Suppose a party’s performance is hindered or delayed during the term of this agreement by events outside of its reasonable control, such as acts of God, natural disasters, famine, pandemic, epidemic, strikes and other labour unrest, acts of war, civil unrest, or other similar or equivalent occurrences. In that case, neither party shall be in default of its obligations. The affected party shall notify the other party in writing of the force majeure event as soon as it occurs.
Due to the force majeure incident, the parties’ duties under this Agreement shall remain suspended. Suppose the force majeure event does not cease to exist but continues beyond 30 days. In that case, either party shall be at liberty to terminate this Agreement immediately due to the force majeure event. Suppose the affected party chooses to mitigate the situation and try to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement while a force majeure event occurs. In that case, the other party will be required to pay any additional costs and expenses that the affected party may incur due to performing services for the other party.


The Client agrees to hold Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. harmless and indemnify it for any harm or loss (including fatalities) to property or persons brought on by the negligent or willful actions of their respective officers, employees, agents, contractors, or subcontractors in connection with the execution of this Agreement.

Legal Note

The parties agree that any dispute arising between them regarding this Agreement shall be resolved by arbitration by the Arbitration Rules of the reputable Arbitration Institute, Office of the Judiciary, which are in effect at the time the dispute is submitted for arbitration, and the laws of Thailand (and the country it is legally represented in) for the time being in effect.


All airlines, hotels, local tourist offices, and other service providers are connected with Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. retains the right to alter excursions and itineraries with or without prior notification. Package trips Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. are planned in connection with the relevant airline(s) scheduled flights. Itineraries and timetables are tentative and are subject to change at any time. The planned flights for the package trips offered by Enchantive Asia Co.ltd. are coordinated with the corresponding airline(s). Itineraries and timetables are tentative and are subject to change at any time. Therefore, we disclaim all liability for any loss, harm, or damage experienced by visitors, even if it happens away from the scope of our scheduled tours. The traveller is responsible for covering any additional costs resulting from delays, mishaps, natural disasters, political acts, or civil unrest. Programs, costs, services, and conditions may change without prior notice before or during the tour because they are based on current information at the time of publishing. When you use one of our services through our website or an authorised third-party sales point, you acknowledge and confirm your agreement to the terms above. The excursion, package, or tour itinerary cannot be changed or altered without prior approval. We are not responsible if you make changes to the tour and its content in your brochures or provide inaccurate information while you are travelling.