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We can negotiate advantageous accommodation rates and conference packages on behalf of our clients thanks to our excellent working relationships with hotels around Thailand.
The Enchantive Asia team has successfully managed various MICE programs, ranging in size from 10 to 1000 people at once. Whether it's a conference of business leaders or a high- profile board meeting, the team at Enchantive Asia is prepared to satisfy all your demands under one roof at the best possible price.


Our creative, specially created MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and events) programs are well known at Meeting and Convention Planner (M&CP) in Thailand.


We guarantee your MICE events are enjoyable, cost-effective, and add value to your investment with well-researched programming and faultless execution thanks to our extensive local expertise and exemplary track record handling international teams of corporate customers.
Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.


Enchantive Asia offers a wide range of services as a Conference Expert, including bids for conventions, cash flow forecasting, timeline planning, marketing and promotions, vendor sourcing, registration, abstract management, sponsorship, housing, logistics, production and staging, staffing, a teacher (and a student), a procurement specialist, registration and abstract expert, a travel agent, a destination expert, a rapporteur, and a Hollywood movie director.
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As a genuine provider of corporate events solutions, we take the time to carefully consider what our clients require to meet their goals and continually go into program production to ensure wow aspects that are seamless and comprehensive.
Group of businessmen and businesswomen sitting and talking at a table with laptops during a board meeting.

Board Meetings

The details are crucial to planning a successful board meeting or conference. Additionally, you can trust Enchantive Asia to handle even the slightest things. We have years of experience managing successful meetings, from selecting the ideal location to informing all attendees of the meeting arrangements to ensuring your conference runs without a hitch.
People enjoying together the warm season

Group Travel

Without a doubt, one of the most excellent places to go on vacation in Thailand. Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, receives a large number of visitors every year. Thailand group tours are what you need if you enjoy traveling and want to have the best trip of your life. Enchative Asia has created the best Thailand group trip package at an improbable low cost. You may discover exciting city nightlife, stunning beaches, islands, monasteries, resorts, temples, and other well-known tourist destinations. Take a break from your busy daily schedule and embark on a group tour to Thailand to discover this great nation.
Diverse business team

Leadership programs

Our team-building exercises only have one goal: to create a TEAM. A team, in our definition, is a collection of individuals who cooperate to achieve a common objective most effectively.
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Team building

In Bangkok and Phuket, Enchantive Asia provides a variety of unusual, challenging, entertaining, and adventure-based team-building activities. With as many as 700 participants, we undoubtedly organized some of the most extensive team building activities in Thailand. Prepare your team for a voyage of self-realization and awareness of one's strengths and shortcomings as individuals and as a team as it takes them to some of the most beautiful destinations in Asia.